Hello there! We are Christina and Ashley.

Most of you may know or recognise us already from the pub. We have both been involved with the place for many years.

Christina started working for the previous landlady, Bev, 12 years ago. During this time she learnt the trade and got to know the regulars very well. Christina ran the pub a couple of times, whilst Bev was away on holiday. Her family have been using the pub for years and she is keen to keep the friendly, community reputation it has always had.

Ashley is Christina’s husband and used to work in The Heathlands on Foxhall Road. He is passionate for the trade and thrives to keep the Lattice open, as The Heathlands sadly closed.

Both of us have a vision of how the pub needs to improve in order to survive and hope that you will support us on our journey!

We have 4 little boys who you may see whirling around the pub from time to time. We aim to create a family friendly environment and would love to see more families use the pub!

We aim to create an environment that continues Bev’s ethos, years of Lattice Barn traditions and introduce our own unique spin.

Please get in touch or pop in to see us!

Hi there!

We are Christina and Ashley and welcome to The Lattice Barn Pub. 

Some of you may already know Christina from working here before taking it over. Ashley used to work in the Heathlands Pub, which has now sadly closed. 

The Lattice Barn is situated on the outskirts of Ipswich town centre and prides itself on providing a friendly and relaxed environment to enjoy a quiet drink or entertainment. 

We try and engage with our local community as much as we possibly can. We try and put on events that benefit our local businesses, hospital and residents.


We have four little boys and understand the importance of family time. This is why we plan a lot of family orientated events and allow children onsite until 7pm.


We also understand the importance of having "me" time which is why we provide a lot of space for you to take a break or chat with friends. 

We try our best to cater for all walks of life by having the best products served correctly and most importantly a friendly face behind the bar.

Not visited in a while? Come give us a look! We have changed a lot over the past couple of years and proud to consider ourselves a place to be! 

We look forward to seeing you very soon.