975 Woodbridge Road
Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 4NX
Tel:  07307 890902

We have worked hard to get the kitchen up and running. We are starting small and gradually increasing what we offer.


YES! You did read that correctly! We sell pints of chips.

Our chips are Skinny, Skin on and fried in quality vegetable oil to perfection!


They are also Gluten, Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

£2.50 per Pint of Chips

Add Cheese for 50p extra.

Dipping sauces available: Heinz Tomato, Heinz Classic BBQ, Mayo, Premium Vegan Mayo, Garlic Mayo, Piri Piri, Sriracha, Chipotle, Hot Chilli and Sweet Chilli.





Available 7 days a week!

Mon - Fri - from 6pm

Sat - Sun from 12pm

Frying stops when time is called at the bar.

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